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Expertise & Experience

Cynergy Wireless and its Employees, Installation and Service Technicians bring many years of experience to our broad customer base. Members of our staff have been working in the public safety vehicle outfitting and two-way radio business for over 50 years.

Cynergy Wireless Technicians and RF engineering staff has designed, installed and maintained a number of EDACS, G-Marc, Mastr II & III Conventional and voted systems.  We also service many large multi-site conventional systems such as Checker Cab, Trinity Transportation, Commuter Express and The Bosch Corporation with over 1200 terminal units.  Cynergy Wireless maintains two (2) EDACS systems operating at General Motors manufacturing and assembly facilities.  These two plants incorporate over 1700 terminal units.   Cynergy Wireless also maintains a large number of terminal units, base stations, consoles and other RF equipment for Police, Fire, EMS, DPS and other governmental agencies throughout lower Michigan.  (References available upon request)

Cynergy Wireless level one(1), two(2) and three(3) technicians have been involved in five PSAP Orbacom T5 installations for M/A-Com including a 5 operator installation at the City of Troy including the interface of 6 off site voted receivers, alarms and conventional circuits. Cynergy Wireless level three (3) technicians have provided Orbacom / M/A-Com warranty service on a 24X7 basis. Our technicians have also installed over 10 Open Sky tower site installations for the county wide Open Sky project in Oakland County Michigan.